HSC Result 2019 With Full Marksheet | Education Board Result 2019

HSC Result 2019 With Full Marksheet | Education Board Result 2019

HSC Result 2019 With Marksheet. Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent exam results will be published on 17th July. A senior official of the Ministry of Education said this information in the first light on Monday.

The copy of the results will be given at Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at 10 am in Gonobhaban. Afterward, detailed information will be provided at the press conference.

HSC and equivalent examinations began on April 1. Total general education boards, madrasa, and technical boards were total examinations of 13 lakh 51 thousand 505 people. Of these, 11,38,747 people were admitted only to HSC examinations under eight general education boards.

HSC examinations begin, around 1.35 million examinees

Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent examinations have started on Monday 1st july 2019. In addition to the eight general education boards, madrasa and technical boards, 13 lakh 51 thousand 505 people of the total examinations. Of these, 11,38,747 students of HSC examinations under eight general education boards.

Candidates have to take seats 30 minutes before the start of the examination. If any candidate is delayed to come to the center of the examination, he should mention the name, roll number and the reason for the delay, to the concerned board every day, the center secretary.

Only the Central Secretaries can use a common standard phone in the person who performs the test center. No one else can use mobile phones or unauthorized electronic devices.

Other than the person concerned with the examination, others can not enter 200 yards of the center.

Only 25 minutes before the start of the test, a set question paper will be examined.

If there is no difficulty in distributing the question papers in the examination, there are instructions for distributing the question papers by arranging regular and irregular examinations in separate rooms.

Tapan Kumar Sarker, secretary of Dhaka Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, said in the light of the first light, the directives of the center (center secretary) have been given to give directions to the distribution of question papers so that there is no difficulty in distributing question papers due to the syllabus.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education and Education Boards have taken various measures to prevent the leak of question papers and to complete the examination properly. As part of this, all coaching centers of the country will be closed from April 1 till May 6.

The Ministry of Education has strengthened surveillance on the issue of leaking question papers through social networking or the activities of the activists of the government, the law enforcing agencies and government departments have strengthened the surveillance.

HSC written test ends on May 11 After that, the practical examination will be completed between 12 and 21 May.


Take a look at the HSC Result 2019. (results with mark sheets)

Check Your HSC result 2019 From Here

HSC Result 2019 HSC results have been published date of 2019 along with marksheet. The HSC exam results on the website www.educationboardresults.gov.bd will be seen on July 17, 2019.
Take a look at the HSC Result 2019. (result with marksheet)

Candidates are very worried about HSC Result 2019 Secondary Certificate HSC exams are started on April 2, 2019. Examinations of HSC theoretical subjects have ended on 15th May and practical tests started on 15th May 2019.

Secondary Certificate HSC Exam 2019 and equivalent Diploma in Business Studies (DIBS) examinations ended on 15th May 2015. A total of 10 boards have been tested this year. The total number of total examinations for all the boards this year is 13 lakh 11 thousand 457. 2541 centers have been held in the country.

Find out HSC board challenges or Researches procedure.
HSC result 2019

If the problem is to see the result click on the link below

HSC result 2019

Dhaka Education Board chairman and inter-education board coordination committee convener Professor Muhaa Ziaul Huq told Jugantar, we are proceeding on July 19, preparing for the results. HSC Results 2019 and DIBS Results 2019 Official results of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board at www.educationboardresults.gov.bd/.

Since the end of the examination, the candidates are quite concerned about the HSC board result 2019. Because the university admission test is largely dependent on it.

With the publication of the HSC Result 2019, you will be able to see results with the results of the official results website of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board and marksheet on our website.

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When will HSC Result 2019 be published? – HSC Result 2019

Generally, results are published within two months of the completion of all public examinations. HSC Result 2014 was published on August 13, 2014, HSC results 2015 is published on 9th August 2015, HSC results published 2016, on 18th August 2016, the results of the HSC results were published on July 23, 2017. HSC Result 2018 published on 19th July, and this year HSC result 2019 published on 17th July
How to see the HSC Result 2019 Markshit?

It is not a matter of finding results in the current digital era. However, some time to get the results of the public exam results to get a little faster. Because the official website of our countryGuilo has very little traffic management capacity. On the day of publication of HSC results, the server becomes dumped. So there are many problems facing many results in the results. So you can see HSC Results 2019 through our web site on your specific board website. You can usually see HSC results in two ways.
How to see the HSC Result 2019 Markshit through the Internet?

Through the Internet, you can view the HSC Results 2019 with Markshit on the medium of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board’s specific official results website. There are two official sites for the results of the Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board.


Rule 2019 to challenge HSC board

Moreover, each board has its own web site for different results. From these sites, you can easily see the HSC result 2019 with your roll and registration number, along with the marksheet.

HSC Result of all boards 2019
HSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board 
HSC Result 2019 Chittagong Board 
HSC Result 2019 Comilla Board 
HSC Result 2019 Barisal Board 
HSC Result 2019 Jessore Board 
HSC Result 2019 Sylhet Board 
HSC Result 2019 Dinajpur Board

HSC Result 2019 Rajshahi Board

Alim Result 2019 Madrasah Board
DIBS Result 2019 Technical Board

How to see HSC result 2019 through mobile SMS?

To get the HSC result 2019 via SMS, go to the mobile message option on your mobile. Then Type

SSC Space: HSC space first three letters of your board space Enter your roll number space 2019 and send it to 16222.
Example: HSC DHA 123456 2019> send to 16222 (from any operator’s number)

HSC Result 2019
The shortcode name for all the education boards of Bangladesh

DHA – Dhaka Board
Bar – Barisal Board
SYL – Sylhet Board
COM – Comilla Board
CHI – Chittagong Board
RAJ – Rajshahi Board
JES – Jessore Board
DIN – Dinajpur Board
MAD – Madrasah Board
TEC-Technical Board

Please comment on your HSC roll, registration number in our comment box. Your HSC Result 2015 will be announced as soon as possible.

When will HSC Result 2019 published?

What is the date of the HSC exam results of 019? It has been found that results of the last year’s publication of the previous years are seen to be published in the last two months. As we can say, this year will not be an exception. HSC Result 2011 release date July 17, 019 We’re saying again, this is the official date.

When will HSC Result 2019 published? Its official date is 17th July, 2019. If you want to know when your HSC Result 2019 will be given as soon as its official date is set, then what you have to do is discuss the below.
When will HSC Result 2019?

When will HSC Result 2019? You must first follow or follow this post to know it.

Because, as soon as we publish the official date, we will update here.

Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent exams may be published on 20, 21 or 22 July. On behalf of the Education Boards, the proposal has been sent to the Ministry of Education for approval of the results of these three days any day. On Tuesday (June 25th) Dhaka Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board sources said this information to daily education.

Update: Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent exam results will be published on July 17, 201

When will HSC results 2019?

HSC and equivalent exams may be published on 20, 21 or 22 July.

To collect HSC / HSC results, you have to do the following:

Visit the official website at http://www.educationboardresults.gov.bd/.
Then select HSC.
Please select 2019 in the year’s room
In the next room you have to select the name of the board. Select Rajshahi Board from here.
Enter your roll number.
Enter your HSC registration number in the next room
Then fill the captcha. For this, write the sum of the sum ordered in the left cell. Such as (1 + 4 = 5)
Finally, see Result with Click on Submit button.

Regarding HSC Result View via SMS

To get the HSC result from any mobile from the mobile, go to the message option and type HSC or ALIM by typing the first three letters of the Rajshahi Education Board and write the roll number with space and enter the passing year with the number of 16222.

Examples: HSC RAJ 123456 2019 for Rajshahi Board

is an educational website It publishes educational materials for students. From here you can collect HSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board This site also publishes HSC Result 2019, HSC Result 2019 Marksheet. Exam Routine for all public exams like JSC, SSC, HSC are found here Here you get HSC Routine 2020, SSC Routine 2020 and JSC Routine 2019

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